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Richard James

Automated Business Results
Phoenix, Arizona Area
Richard James, Founder and President of Automated Business Results, has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert.” He built a consumer law firm in Arizona from zero to over $3.5 million in annual sales in just over two years. His legacy also includes a career of building businesses in five different industries bringing his proven formula to each to achieve success. His success ingredient is simple: systems. Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems. Author of two books for attorneys, The DNA of the Autonomous Attorney and Discover The Acres Of Diamonds In Your Law Firm, Richard has devised a process for helping attorneys build a practice that supports their lifestyle, not undermines it. Richard passion is to work with like-minded Entrepreneurial Attorneys, who want to take action to build the systems they create together to obtain, real, measurable results. Grab a free copy of the DNA of the Autonomous Attorney by going to www.TheRichardJames.com/DNAFreeBook